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We are delighted to be able to feature highlights from the Model Lives In Fashion Instagram account which posts significant Fashion Models published in leading magazines and is working towards a future dictionary of models. Starting in January 2021, the Terence Pepper Collection homepage featured a model each month and we have collated a selection of the past models who have been featured. Visit the Instagram page to learn more.

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January - February 2021 spotlight: Nena von Schlebrügge (later Nena Thurman)

To celebrate Nena's birthday, in January the Model Lives in Fashion Instagram account looked more closely at the Swedish model's career. Nena was born on 8th January 1941 as Baroness Birgitte Caroline “Nena” Von Schlebrugge to a Swedish mother and German father in Mexico City. After the war the family returned to Sweden. Her potential as a future fashion model was spotted by Norman Parkinson who was working with Vogue on a special issue devoted to Scandinavia. Nena’s career as an international fashion model was launched in London in 1957 when she began working with Parkinson and Vogue. In March 1958 she arrived in New York aboard the Queen Mary and was quickly signed for representation by Eileen Ford, owner of the most famous modelling agency of the time.

Image: This photograph was taken by Parkinson for a 1958 British Vogue feature titled 'Young Idea at the Brussels Fair.' Nena was photographed in front of the fountains outside the Russian and American Pavilions for the Brussels World Fair. The feature was targeted at a new, younger readership and mainly featured models aged 16-20. Nena was 17 at this time.

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