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The Terence Pepper Collection has been compiled by leading photographic historian and curator Terence Pepper over the past 40 years. It contains over 2,000 photographs and prints including many by leading photographers and historic news picture libraries and includes prints from the early days of photography through to the present day. The scope of the collection is wide-reaching but is especially strong on portraits, the 1960s, fashion and female photographers. The collection also has an extensive archive of 20th century magazines relating to fashion, high society, pop culture and music. 

Items gifted to the National Portrait Gallery, London (NPG) from the Terence Pepper Collection are currently on display in Room 22 at the NPG. The 'Wall of Fame' display shows 55 carte-de-visites, thirteen of which are donations from the Collection. Below are images of each, click on the images to go to their NPG webpage. 

Helen Barry
Vera Beringer
Clara Marion Jessie Rousby
Ellen Terry
Countess of Orkney
Billie Bilton
Lulu or El Niño Farini
Maud Branscombe
Keshub Chunder Sen
10th Earl of Wemyss
Charles Kingsley
Chang Woo Gow
Giuseppe Garibaldi
Anna May Wong
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Celia Hammond
Lizzie Caswell Smith
Rudolph Valentino
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