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Pop Archivde Manchester

Opening of the British Pop Archive, Manchester


The national collection is dedicated to the preservation and research of popular culture; the first specifically designated, large-scale popular culture archive in the UK. The collection's launch was supported by a major exhibition, featuring iconic items from the Manchester pop culture scene including loans from the Terence Pepper Collection.


Click here for more images from the opening event and here for more details about the The British Pop Archive.

Beautiful People, Fashion and Textile Museum

Opening of 'Beautiful People' exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Musuem, London


As part of the Fashion and Textile Museums 2021-2022 exhibition 'Beautiful People: The Boutique in 1960s Counterculture' Terence Pepper guest curated a photography display titled 'Beautiful People: Photographs 1966 to 1973' with guest-curator Grace Lee. Image here shows Terence Pepper with the artist and designer Nigel Waymouth at the opening of the exhibition.


Click here for more images from the opening event.

Pefect Bound magazine

Perfect Bound magazine


Today the new bi-annual magazine Perfect Bound was launched, featuring a selection of counter-culture photographs by Graham Keen, selected by Terence (who has championed the work of Keen and co-curated  'Graham Keen: 1966 and all that' at the Lucy Bell Fine Art Photography Gallery in 2016.) 

Louise Dhal-Wolfe exhibition opening

Opening event for 'Louise Dahl–Wolfe: A Style of Her Own' and 'Harper’s Bazaar 150: The First & Last Word In Fashion'


The 18th October 2017 saw the opening of two exhibitions at the Fashion and Textile Museum, for which Terence was the Photographic Consultant and Co-Curator.  Click here for more photographs from the opening night.

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